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We offer expert training in CAD and CAE (FEA and CFD) for aspiring mechanical engineering design professionals and corporate training for experienced engineers who like to expand their career horizon by learning numerical solving for complex design problems. 

You can choose to learn Structural, thermal, Vibration, CFD, Impact or crash and composite material design. 

Our experts are from Mechanical, Automotive and Aerospace domain, who all worked with Original Equipment Manufacturers for several years. You can experience the leverage of deep industry expertise solving complex problems with simpler and practical approaches through them.

The training can be customized, person based, one to one, depending on the individual’s background and his/ her aspiration – Face to face training at multiple locations in India, or Online training using Screen share, or Corporate based, weekend or weekday short term intensive, extensive or relaxed time courses. Webinars are possible. 

Images of few student projects

A design satisfying a customer who wanted to have a Aquaculture  tank on their building terrace constrained by four pillars with a capacity of 3000liters of water and fully grown fishes .



A simple yet good design wheel chair for a hind leg amputated dog to help it move forward. Credit:

            Design optimization of a railway bogie bolster design using CAD and CAE. CAD modelling and CAE verification was performed. 


Race Car – Concept modelling

Pumpjack is used in oil wells to pump oil from deep wells. They are widely utilized machineries in the oil producing industries.