Engineering Design and Development

Mechanical Engineering

We provide professional support in Mechanical Engineering Design Projects and New product development (NPD) using CAD & CAE – Computer Aided Engineering. Our services include:

  • Developing concepts to a prototype and supporting testing and verification. 
  • Product design and development using CAD & CAE technologies.
  • Design Optimization of Mechanical components of Automotive, Aerospace, and Machine tools.
  • Strength and durability of components involving 
    • Structural
    • Thermal
    • Composite design analysis
    • Durability
    • Noise and Vibration Harshness 
    • Computational fluid dynamics

We also facilitate training in CAD and CAE. The courses are taught by our global experts to aspiring students and working professionals, who require enhancing their knowledge. It can help them follow the right methodology and technology in problem-solving and they can easily save time in their design calculations. 

Engineering Technologies on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

We have professional Engineers with decades of experience in making electrical and electronically operated machinery with control systems.


Mechatronics (Robotics)

Our Robotics Engineers are into making semi-automatic robots that can replace the men’s hard work in the lifting of heavy components and parts in industries. The other use cases are automated cleaning machines. 


Internet of Things (IoT) 
Our Engineers have developed IoT design and implemented it in several factories for easy and riskless maintenance of automated processes and operations.