We need You!

We are looking for CAE Engineers who can support us part time for our design office operating from India and abroad. You may work remotely! 

Posted on: 27/06/2020.

The skills required for the best suitable candidate is the following:
  • Perform complex design analysis using Abaqus/Ansys/Ansys workebnch
  • Knowledge of Abaqus Subroutine, CEL techniques, forming analysis, plasticity, Non-linear problems, programming skills in C/C++ or Fortran
  • Experience in preprocessing software like Hypermesh.
  • Ability  to complete the task remotely under the given circumstances
  • Understand customer basic requirements and expectations for new product design and improved designs.
  • Develop engineering designs with minimal supervision.
  • Implement engineering changes as required.
  • Develop alternative design solutions or quick engineering solutions for complex problems.
  • Maintain records of all activities and results in CAE project database.
  • Participate in design review meetings to provide appropriate recommendations.
  • Ensure that all work carried out is in compliance with company design, safety, quality, environmental compliance and procedural standards.
  • Transperant and prompt communications with our team members on all projects related matters.
  • Provide timely design guidance and support to the team to meet customer requirements.
  • Assist management in establishing and updating project plans and priorities.
  • Maintain a positive working relationship with all levels of the organization.
  • Good renumeration based on the revenue generated from each project.

We are looking for Mechanical Engineering Design Interns, with Business Development interest, for supporting us in part time or full time at our office in Chennai!

Posted on: 28/02/2020.

You are a passionate student pursuing Mechanical Engineering Degree or a Diploma or a young professional looking for improving your design and manufacturing skills. You also have interests in learning about administrative and sales work.

You like to learn CAE technology and willing to teach students and working professionals.

You like also supporting us in company administration, sales and marketing. 

Then we are looking forward in meeting you!

Feel free to contact us and join us now.

Contact Mr. Srihari, Email: <srihari@designcae.com>

We are looking for Design and development Interns for helping us in part time for new product development in Bengaluru!

Posted on: 02/03/2019.

You are a passionate student, pursuing Mechanical Engineering Degree or Diploma. 

You are residing in Bengaluru.

You like to support part time and likes understanding new product development.

Then we are looking for you!

Feel free to contact us and join us now.

Contact person: Mr. Anto; Email: anto@designcae.com.

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