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Our Services

We are New Product Development Specialists helping customers with Mechanical Design and Development Services. We offer our expertise in executing projects on new product development, CAD and CAE services. 

Our CAD and CAE services include idea till manufacturing phase. 

Our Vision

To become a market leader in developing new products and providing Mechanical Engineering Design and Materials Development Solutions for our customers at excellent qualities to help them benefit the society.

Our Mission

To execute projects on new product development. To help companies to develop their optimized mechanical design solutions working with us in a faster way. We also strive to bring better communications and further deliver high quality project work to our customers.

Why us ?

We have set of global experts with rich domain experience that often brings leverage on deep industry expertise. Each of our team mate compliments each other with differentiated technical, managerial skills. The multicultural background of us makes us unique and special in understanding, dealing and delivering the projects in far more professional ways. We offer expert product development ideas working together with you on your projects. We provide our technical and managerial skills to bring effective and efficient solutions to our customers at reasonably low costs along with shorter turn around times and high quality deliverables. 

Our happy customers